Film Noir Treatment research of Film Noir films/Production Ideas

Basic steps for creating a Film Treatment:

Step 1

Write a logline or blurb for script in a few years. It can be either an action-adventure, romantic comedy or any other genre type. It can take place in past period in history or can take place in modern day, it has to be specified where exactly the storyline is taking place.

Step 2

The next step is to write a paragrapgh describing the main characters, it is helpful within this stag to identify the character’s by comparing them to a modern day actor. For example describing the character to be a ‘Tom Hanks’ type or with a ‘Nicholas Cage’ style.

Step 3

Within this stage its important to outline the key scenes which gives the proposing investors for the film a brief idea for what each part of the film will include. This is usually described in a few sentances.

Step 4

The last step that is crucial for creating a film treatment is to conclude the whole idea, this involves explaining to the investors why this film would appeal to the target audeince and how it is different to other films of its kind that are out already.

With our groups that we have been placed in for Media, which consists of  Emily, Tom, Mike and myself, our task is to create our own Film Noir production. In order to allow this to happen our group had to devise a Film Treatment of our proposed idea. This is part of our Film Treatment following the simple steps above:

Our movie plot:

The death of a young girl sparks a gritty investigation headed by Detective Spade and his sidekick Detective Gittes. The case sparks twists and turns resulting in a shock ending.

Opening Sequence:  The film opens with a large concrete wasteland/desterted street. The street is partially lit by street lamps, as the audeince focuses in on a female character. When the audeince is introduced to her she appears to alone. She passes an elongated shadow leaning against the wall of an apartment but takes no interest in him. As she continues her journey she begins to get the feeling that she is being followed but everytime she looks back, there is no one there. We then cut into the movies opening title sequence introducing the cast and crew,we plan to have soft subtle music which is present in such Film Noir’s such as Heat We then fade into the investigation, where its daylight and the main protagonist detective and his sidekick begin their investigation.

We aim to make this movie within the genre of Film Noir. Intertwining the conventions crime mystery. It shall feature the most common conventions of a Film Noir.


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