First Production Storyboard for Film Noir Piece

This storyboard is the first draft starting point for our production, it can be altered and changed in anyway but this is just the basic foundations of what our piece may be structured.


Frame 1: Woman leaving apartment

Actions: The woman walks out of an apartment acting suspicious, wrapping herself in her coat for security. She’s very alert and jumpy and acting as though she has done something wrong and is trying to hide it.

Camera shots:  

  • Wide shot- location
  • Medium close up – body language, face expression
  • Medium long shot – her beginning to walk off


  • Footsteps of her heels
  • Natural street sounds

Frame 2: Woman passing man

Actions: The woman bumps into a dark hooded figure, smoking a pipe, who emerges from the darkness and leans against a wall of a street corner. The woman seems a little taken back but apologizes and continues to walk down the street.

Camera shots:

  • Wide shot – location, characters
  • Close up – man’s shadowed face, women’s face expressions
  • Tracking shot – women walking

Dialogue:  Women: “Oh sorry.” (Man puffs smoke in her face)

Frame 3: Woman looking behind

Actions: As the woman walks down the street she begins to get paranoid that she is being followed as she hears footsteps, so she speeds up her walking pace. The woman then hears the footsteps getting louder (closer) so she stops and looks behind her, to find no one there, so she continues to walk slowly, getting faster and she begins to creep herself out after hearing noises.

Camera shots:

  • Point of view shot – showing what she see
  • Mid shot – the figure behind her
  • Close up – man’s feet/ woman’s feet


  • Footsteps
  • Street cat

Frame 4: Woman running

Actions: The woman turns around and see’s a figure acting suspicious and not very far away from her. So she turns a corner and speeds up her pace which turns in to a run.

Camera shots:

  • Shaky camera – running (point of view of women & man)
  • Close up – feet running (women & man)


  • Footsteps
  • Music getting louder and tense/mysterious
  • Heavy breathing

Frame 5: The alley way

Actions: The woman turns another corner and stops to catch her breath, she peers around the corner to see if she could see the figure but there’s no sign. As she turns around the dark figure then steps out in front of the woman after taking a short cut and pushes her into an alley way. All that is visible in the frame is the darkness of the alley way.

Camera shots:

  • Point of view shot – woman looking around the corner
  • Close up – woman’s face
  • Medium long shot – darkness of the alley way
  • Medium close up/ 2 shot – women turning into the man


  • Heavy breathing – woman
  • Screams

Frame 6: The shadow of the killer

Actions: The women struggles to get away from him but manages it, and runs out of the alley way. The man then steps out of the alley way and pulls out his pistol and shoots the women, leaving her lying in the street. (Don’t actually see the man shoot the women, you see his shadow.)

Camera shots:

  • Medium close up – shadow of the man shooting the woman
  • Medium long shot of the alley way


  • Tense music – violins
  • Screams
  • Struggling noises
  • Gunshot – breaks music sequence

Frame 7: Credits

Actions: Credits run through slowly then fade into the detective scene

Camera shots:


  • Mysterious music

Frame 8: Body discovered

Actions:  A man is walking up the stairs and enters a darkly lit room where a figure is sitting at a desk.

Camera shots:

  • Low angle tracking – up the stairs
  • Medium long shot – detective in the office


Detective Spade: How you doing Jim?

Jim: It’s all good, you, you still in business?

Detective Spade: Just about… not as many cases to work on these days.

Jim: Well I got a little case that might just meet your fancy.

Detective Spade: Interesting. She was a politician’s daughter.

Jim: The rates are good for this case…

Detective Spade: I guess so.

Jim: So… are you in?

Detective Spade: Yeah… i’m in.


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