Film Questionnaires

Media Questionnaire

1. Have you ever watched any of the following films?

ChinaTown                                                     Se7en

Pulp Fiction                                                   Sin City

Blade Runner                                                Usual Suspects

Heat                                                                  Snatch

for question 1 answers varied from Pulp Fiction, Bladerunner, Sin City and Snatch


2. If you saw a black and white film on television, would you assume it was an old film?

Yes                                                    No

All participants answered yes, to this question giving the stereotypical view that they only view this genre in black and white.

3. In you opinion, how is a detective portrayed?

Answers varied from: wearing a suit and a long coat, posh. long coat and hat someone who is quite mysterious and often has some issues. To be smartly dressed, to be a good guy who saves the day. Looking at the results from the bar chart it seems that most people on average gave an answer that they see a detective wearing a long coat and a suit. 

4. How would you expect a seductive, misleading woman who charms her lovers into dangerous situations to dress?

 In a red and black dress with quite alot of make up. To be very attractive with long flowing hair. A black dress, not necessarily short but with a slit up the leg with high heels and bright red lipstick.

5. How would you expect a person to act after killing someone?

 They would act quite guilty and have nervouis atributes, to be in shock to be standing or sitting in disbelief either running and shutting themselves away from the world. Acting quite jumpy around others. To be secretive and coy, nerous and evasive.

6. In what location would you find a murder investigation to take place?

 A city similar to London or New York, to be at a house party of some sort, to take place within an alleyway

7. How would you expect a detective to dress?

 Wearing a long coat and a hat, wearing a brown coat to be wearing a Mack coat and hat as in a ‘B’ Movie

8. How would you expect a stalker to act without being too obvious?

 Very threatening and violent, to walk normally but take evasive action so as not to be spotted, to act as normal as possible, perhaps keep head down and to keep distance from people. To be shady, scary.

9. How would you expect a victim of being stalked to act?

 Scared, Worried, suspicious, looking over shoulder constantly, accelerated pace over time, nervous,frightened and vunerable.

10. In a chase scene between a stalker and his victim. What sound effects would be the most effective?

Heavy Breathing                                                                A Narrative

Fast Pace Music                                                                  Footsteps

Looking at the graph music seemed to be the most popular choice ti be used within our production piece, which we will highly consider when editing our piece later on.


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