Treatment Plans for Film

Here is our group treatment of the basic plans of what our film will consist of.

Movie Plot

The film is within the genre of Film Noir, a genre which was very popular during the 40s and 50s. But doesn’t see many releases nowadays. Only a few revivals have seen release which really take conventions from Film Noir. e.g. Sin City. The death of a young girl sparks a gritty investigation headed by Detective Spade and his sidekick Detective Gittes. The case sparks twists and turns resulting in a shock ending.

Opening Sequence

The film opens with a deserted street. The street is partially lit by street lamps. We focus in on a female character. She is alone. She passes an elongated shadow leaning against the wall but takes no interest in him. As she continues her journey she begins to get the feeling she is being followed but every time she looks back, there’s no one there. She goes off screen past an alleyway whilst the figure follows. Screams are heard as the female character escapes with partially to imply an attempted rape. We then see the shadow of a hand hoist up a pistol and fire. We then cut to the movies opening title sequence introducing the cast and crew. We then fade into a stairway, as a character walks up and enters a room, he converses with Detective Spade about the murder, before agreeing to take the case.


We have a set of characters which commonly fit what is expected of character archetypes in typical Film Noirs. For example our main character is Detective Spade. A hard-boiled, alcoholic, anti-hero cop. We also have a damsel in distress archetype whom appears towards the beginning of the film ultimately leading to her death and transcending into the film’s main premise. We also have a mysterious figure whose face is never seen to help create tension.

Key Scenes

(1) Opening Scene – The Murder

(2) Detective Spade accepts the case

(3) Suspects begin to pile up

(4) Detective Spade meets the Femme Fatale

(5) An Assassination attempt is made on Spade

(6) Detective Spade uncovers the murderer

(7) Chase scene

(8) Gun-fight between Spade and the killer.

Why this movie will be a success

We as a group believe that this project will be a success because Film Noir is a genre that has lasted a long time and has seen different transformations. For example we’ve seen the genre expand into Tech-noir with movies like Blade Runner and The Terminator. Whilst neo-noir films like The Usual Suspects and Se7en pay homage and take particular conventions from the old classics. We think audiences will be interested at taking a look at how the roots of the genre came about and enjoy unique visuals looks of Film Noir which give the films genuine character and atmosphere back in the 1940s and 50s.


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