Creating a Film Studio Name

In today’s lesson we looked at the credit process within a Film Noir, by studying the order of the credits before creating our own studio name and starting to plan together the layout of our credit order.

The order of when credits appear on the screen of a film:

  • Name of the studio
  • Name of production company
  • Producer Name
  • Who the film is starring (two or three main actors names)
  • The Films title
  • Featuring (the rest of the actors names)
  • Casting/casting by
  • Music/music composer/original score
  • Production design
  • Costume designer
  • Sound recording
  • Edited by

After our group had researched the correct orer of the credits, we then had to create our own production name and company before creating the first draft of our credit opening title sequence.

35mm Porductions Presents

In association with BBC Films

A Film By……


Title: ‘Within The Shadows’


Casting By……

Music composer……

Production Design….

How has your planning helped with your filming?

Which planning areas had the greates/least impact on the filming?

What camera angles did you change within your production?

Comment on any changes that you had to make


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