First Editing Process

Today our group started to edit our film pieces for the first time, as well as designing our title sequence as well to fit it all together. We imported our filming scenes and started to play around with the iMovie software, but trimming and starting to add music to the scenes that seemed appropiate.

The process involved picking out the best filming scenes from the selection that we had filmed over the half term holiday, it then involved importing then and placing the best scenes together in a set order where the scenes finally seemed to flow in a correct order.  Next we changed the colour of the filmimg to it changed from a colour film to a black and white screen filming, which is the effect that we wanted if we were going to follow the conventions of film noir. We played around with the settings on the software by changing the lighting within th scene to make the stalkers face look darker when under his hat, which was an effect that we were looking for.

After this was completed which took a few attempts, the next process was to add in the music. Within the scene, where we see the female victim knock off the stalkers hat to reveal his true idenity we have suspense music as she starts to run away down the alley towards the exit.


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