Second Filming Office Scene

Today we started to film the office scene with the two detective characters Jim and Detective Spade, we mananged to find a small office within the school to film our scene.

This is the entrance to the office that we used, it seemed suitable as it was small just like a detective’s office. It had the blinds which was an advantage for our group as this was a key feature that we wanted within our scene. The image below shows the outside entrance towards the office, frim this angle you can have a POV shot of Jim as he enters the office for the first time.


From the above pictures we changed the office table from a bare table with just a phone, to a table with scraps of paper and abandoned folders to show how the Detective Spade has not been in business for a long time. We also firstly used a newspaper article which can be seen within the above picture on the table.

These pictures show Jim walking up the stairs towards the office, from the angle of the camera we can see that it focuses on the characters feet as it watches him walking up the stairs. The anle of following his feet then cuts out the other obstacles around that we dont need within the scene.

This shot shows the camera angle following the character all the way up to the door which leads into the main office area, the low camera angle is still following his feet until it reaches the door before it moves up his body. It follows the character all the way up to this door, the camera then moves up the the private sign at the top of the door to indicate to the audience that this is going to be of some importance.


The camera then films the other side of the door, following the character in through the door towards the office area. The character waits for a while before taking the steps towards the enterance of the office doorway.

 The next camera angle shows Jim’s hand swtich on the light switch

After the hand was seen on the switch, Jim’s body emerges into the full frame of the camera lense for the audience to see the characters

The other main character known as Detective Spade is seen within his head down, his face covered away from the camera signifying his refusal from society. The blinds behind him are seen to be shut creating the feeling that he is shutting himself away from the world.

This picture just shows a close up of his emotion of how he feels, due to his frustration through the violent clutching of his hat. His face is still placed down towards the table as he doesn’t want to face the character Jim as he feels slight embarrasment of the fact that he is no longer a professional detective.

The character Jim is seen at the blinds, pushing them to one side as he looks out the window while still talking to Detective Spade

Once the blinds had been opened Detective Spade is seen tpo have his head placed further down towards the table which shows his shock to the extreme bright light that is being projected through the windows.


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