final Editing Process

In the past few lessons our group has been editing the last few scenes of our film noir filming process, we spent time uploading the footage and placing them all together with the film credits to create a full introduction.

After uploading the full footage we then started to change the colour of the filming by saturating the image to create a darker feel to the atmosphere creating a typical film noir setting, which is the effect that our group wanted. after the saturation process we then had to think about music effects and how the right mood of music would fit to the atmospheric encounter with the stalker scene. as well as creating the saturation and music feel to the scenes we also needed to consider the voice-over work that the camera did not pick up when filming. This would then need to be recorded and placed into the correct position of the filming process.

This process of saturation was also used on the office scene, which our group uploaded the other day onto the imovie program. We also needed to consider again the voice-over work as the recorded voices had a slight echoed effect which made it difficult to hear the actors voices within the filming.


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