Audio editing stage

In the last lesson on Friday 25th March our group finished editing in the audio on top of the footage and we went through the whole production to check for any errors. We made sure all the sound effects were in time and made any changes to the music that we felt was needed to be made. The final stage of completing our production was to burn it onto a DVD

The next stage that was important was the editing of your last remaining scenes, since the completing element of our office scene, our gorup was able to start with the editing making sure that every single detail was placed in chronological order.

After uploading our footage our group had to start to change the colour scheme, ensuring that the black and white, saturation and brightness was at the right level that suited the type of theme that we wanted to create. In between the murder scene and the office scene our film noir opens with a typical film noir title sequence. Our opening sequence followed the same type of layout of the hit Film Noir film of Heat (1995). This layout is very simple and basic just seeing the appearance of the of the title and credits which appear slowly as music plays softly within the background. The image below reflects the type of imagery that our title sequence uses:

As a group we all decided to use this same layout for your opening title sequence with soft jazz music playing in the background as the credits gradually appear and disappear. The music that was used within our title sequence was non-copyrighted and free for public use. the below image shows an exmaple of what our title sequence opening looks like:

The type of font that we used for our title sequence is ‘AR BONNIE’. our group believed that this type of font fitted the critera of a film noir convention reflecting the 1930’s film genre. Some of the other fonts that we considered using are listed below:

FF Matinee
FF Golden gate initials
Balboa shaded condensed
Buffalo Joe

As we used copywrited music within our piece some one which being the heat theme tune, it was advised that we sent an email of enquiry to the company asking for consent to use the theme tune within our piece. Below shows a picture of the email that we sent:

The email followed the lines of:

To who it may concern,

W are a media group from the UK currently studying Film Noir films. Within our current piece that we have filmed we would like to request permission to use one of the song ‘Heat Theme’ used from the film ‘Heat’. This would be greatly appreciated if we could have you permission to be able to use the song within our piece. It would be grateful if we could hear from you soon to hear your verdict

Yours Faithfully


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