Final work on Film Noir production piece

Within this lesson we started to finish off our film noir project, by creating a menus screen and placing it onto a final DVD which will finalise the whole project. Within our lessons we have also started work on our evlauation piece that has constantly been having various pieces of information added to it every media lesson while we have been in the Mac room.

When our group had finished putting tha last pieces together placing it onto the DVD had a few obstacles which we had to overcome. One of them being that we had difficulty placing it onto the DVD one of the factors that we had to do was to place the film on a memory stick before placing it onot the main Mac computer to put it onto a DVD. However, after we had placed it onto a DVD we had to get copyright permission to be able to use the song’s that we had placed within our piece. As well as this we had to place the production pieve then onto a DVD when we ad believed that we had been gioven permission to use the song. The one problem that we had to overcome was the screen ratio was out of proportion which cut off part of our production piece which we had to disregard. After we had solved this problem we were then able to place it onto the DVD which was then complete.


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